About Us

About Us

Azores Iron Work is a company registered and fully insured in the state of Massachusetts since 2015.

Working for more than 10 years with iron, we are specialists in structural, I-beam, handrail, railings, stairs, spiral stairs and fences projects, including welding, cutting and manufacturing.

Transparency and respect is our legacy to provide the best quality and fair prices of our work, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Looking for new projects and partnerships, we are available to design, install and fabricate any type of iron work and more.

Commercial and Residential

Azores Iron Work works with unmatched quality metals. For the confection and assembly of products rich in details and finishes, we count on a highly technical and skilled team, with the ability of true artisans.We follow the whole process from design to installation.

Welding and Antique Repair

Azores Iron Work has an excellent reputation for producing “perfect-looking” welded products. Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and steel are typical metals that we regularly weld in complex shapes for our customers.

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